Hi everyone,

Just a quick update:  Today I start my new/last diet:  http://www.idealprotein.com/ – Read more about the creator of this diet, Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, here:  http://www.idealprotein.com/ipcl_usen.asp?no=291 — I’ll be doing regular status updates again, regularly.  If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email (wsellers@gmail.com) or post here as a comment.

I’ve been still losing weight— just a bit slower than I would like…kinda in a plateau right now… GRRR.  Still, I think I’m on the right track—and feel so much better than I did a couple of years ago.  Right now, I’m weighing in at about 315-320LBS… looking to drop the next 100LBS this year!…. I’ve lost 140LBS so far!

When I was at my heaviest in 2008, I was wearing a size 58″ waist!!!  Now, I’m down to a 44″ waist—–working towards slipping back into my 34″‘s…

Thanks to everyone who’s been with me on this trip!  I’m now working out 5 days a week—-and can easily hang with my weekend cycling riders— doing 40-60 mile rides with ease! 🙂


Here are some photos:

Me in Dec. 2008 (San Francisco)

Me in Dec 2010 (Baton Rouge)