So everyone, over the past year, I’ve been slowly putting weight back on… GRR… The 200+ LBS that I worked really hard to shed, is slowly creeping back onto my ass!  — NO BUENO!  —  I’ve also been having many false starts on “getting back on track”; however, I’ve really been noticing the OLD-FAT-ASS look coming back.



I DEFINITELY DO NOT want to get back to where I was in 2009!  The guy on the left side is me, circa 2009.  The guy on the right side is me, circa 2011 – Since 2011, I’ve put BACK on approximately 50 LBS!

SO, for 2013, It’s time to  get this weight BACK off and continue working towards my goal weight of 200LBS.


From the beginning of my weight loss, I’ve found that using technology helps keep me focused on my goals.  Social Media keeps me honest and motivated, getting encouragement from people in my social circles and hearing about others weight loss successes.

Here are some of the fitness gadgets and applications that I’m using now:


WiThings Wireless Scale – $129
I’ve been using this scale for years — never had a problem.  I’ve found it a GREAT tool for keeping an eye on how my weight I’m losing or gaining.  It’s expensive, relatively speaking, but TOTALLY worth it.  This should be the first gadget you buy if you are serious about keeping track of your weight.  Also comes with a free iOS or Android application — so you can graphically see your progress.  Here’s a video of me on GeekBrief.TV. — Thanks to Cali Lewis for interviewing me!  A worthy alternative is the new FitBit Aria — If I was buying a new one, I’d try the Aria — just because I LOVE the Fitbit One so much! — Both devices can push your data into your social media circles.





Withings Blood Pressure Monitor – $129
So if you are overweight (or not), It’s important to keep an eye on your blood pressure.  High Blood Pressure is a tell-tail sign of possible cardiovascular disease.  The WiThings Blood Pressure Monitor accurately measures and tracks over time your BP.  As you lose weight and exercise, your blood pressure SHOULD improve.  Consult your MD if you have high BP — you may need to be on medication.   In my case, after losing weight, I was taken OFF of high blood pressure medication!  This device also can push data to your social media circles.  iPhone 5 users will need the Apple Lightening to 30-pin converter, unfortunately.




FitBit-One-in-ClipFitBit One – $99
I’ve had a love/hate relationship with these devices since I’ve started.  However, I’ll say the FitBit One is pretty cool…  Like a mogwai, JUST DON’T GET THEM WET!   A little sweat is OK — but just remember to take it off before throwing your clothes in the wash… I say buy!  The new version that syncs via Bluetooth rocks!

Here is a review I just did:
And, one of the original FitBit:





WahooBlueBRWahoo Fitness Heart Rate Monitor – $79.99
What can I say?!?!  It’s a Bluetooth 4.0 heart rate monitor.  This device will actively monitor and record your Heart Rate as you run, walk, cycle, etc.  Works well with Apple iPhone 4S and above— not sure about Android though… GRRR…  There is a dedicated iOS app from Wahoo; however, this device also integrates with Runkeeper and many other mobile apps.





RunKeeper – FREE, $19.95 per year for an “Elite” Account.
This iOS or Android app let’s you track your workouts…biking, cycling, walking, etc… It also integrates well with other sensors and applications, such as the above Wahoo sensor, Nike+, FitBit, LoseIT, and Withings scale — just to name a few.  After using this app for a while now, it really works best when you are outdoors — and the GPS can track your location and distance.  If you are in the gym or indoors on a treadmill, you’ll have to manually enter some of the data.   I bought an “Elite” account — so that my followers can track me in real-time as I workout.  The Elite account also gives you access to more detailed reporting and fitness plans.  SEE HERE – For most people, the FREE account works just fine!




LoseIt-LogoLoseIt – FREE, $39.99 per year for a “Premium” Account.
Of all of the apps I’ve been trying over the past few years — I really believe that THIS ONE will help people the most with weight loss.  Why you ask!?!?  Many studies have shown that proper diet has more to do with weight loss than exercise.  I can attest to that personally!  One weeks where I’ve NOT exercised; but ate right — I actually lost weight.  However, I think that for overall health; YOU MUST do both.  Keeping an accurate food log helps you keep track of your caloric/carb intake.  LoseIt will definitely make this task easier.  It provides an easy way to log your food intake (food bar code scanner included) AND physical activity!  What I like MOST about this app is that it integrates EXTREMELY well with other fitness devices and applications.   This app also can push data to your social media circles.



So there you go… Of all of the apps/devices I’ve researched, IMHO, these are the ones that work best.  Plus — WORK WELL TOGETHER… which is important of you are trying to keep an overall view of your fitness and weight loss.  As I find new Apps or Devices, I’ll be definitely be posting on this site.

If you would like to “friend-me-up” on these apps, here are the links to my profiles:

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Hope this post helps you get started with your 2013 weight loss (or fitness) goals.  If you have any questions, comments, etc, PLEASE feel free to leave a comment or email me.

William Sellers