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Back in the Saddle, Again

Well Folks, I’m gonna have to really put the peddle to the medal — and get back serious on my weight loss.  I was/am kind of in a plateau; however, I’ve actually been going in the WRONG direction.  Gained about… Continue Reading →

Photo Update – April 17, 2011

Photo Progress #3

FYI – Just a photo progess update. Lost over 205 pounds so far… Another 80-90 more pounds to go… And just about down to a 38″ waist…when I started I was a 58″!!! Thanks Everyone for your encouragement and support!… Continue Reading →

Status Update: Jan. 14, 2010 – w/photo

*** Update:  I’m now in a size 40″ waist ***  -wsellers 01/26/2011 Well everyone, Still losing weight… So far, I’m down to a size 42″ waist (I used to be a size 58″!!!) — and they’re a little loose!  My… Continue Reading →

Status Update: Dec. 7, 2010 – w/photos

Hi everyone, Just a quick update:  Today I start my new/last diet:  http://www.idealprotein.com/ – Read more about the creator of this diet, Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, here:  http://www.idealprotein.com/ipcl_usen.asp?no=291 — I’ll be doing regular status updates again, regularly.  If anyone has… Continue Reading →

Photo update

Just a new photo update…. Me on 08-07-2010 Thanks to everyone who has supported my through this!  I still have a long way to go! Will

*** Update: New Updates coming soon ***

Greetings, Hi everyone… Just been busy with work, etc, etc… And, haven’t had much time to update this site.  However, the weight loss is still going GREAT…. So far, I’ve lost over 110 LBS!!!  Checkout some of my Facebook “Before… Continue Reading →

Status Update: May 28, 2009

Height = 5’11” Weight = 341.2 lbs Blood Pressure = 131/68 Pulse = 74 Gain/Loss = -6.4 lbs loss Total Weight loss = -61.0 lbs loss Missed a week…. but back on the workout regiment!  61 LBS loss… I’m happy… Continue Reading →

Status Update: May 14, 2009

Height = 5’11” Weight = 350.6 lbs Blood Pressure = 132/70 Pulse = 82 Gain/Loss = -0.2 lbs loss Total Weight loss = -54.6 lbs loss

Status Update: May 05, 2009

Height = 5’11” Weight = 350.8 lbs Blood Pressure = 130/72 Pulse = 84 Gain/Loss = -7.8 lbs loss Total Weight loss = -54.4 lbs loss Now we’re talking… Whew, good weight loss this week.  Still trying to get going… Continue Reading →

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