Here’s the new fitness tracking device from FitBit…. The FitBit One

Here’s my quick review:

So far, I’m REALLY liking this device… If you are familiar with the older version, this is definitely an improvement.   The device basically does the same thing as the previous device; however, adds these new features:

  1. Bluetooth Syncing:  NO LONGER do you need a clunky “dongle” to sync your Fitbit to.  If you have an updated smart phone, you can now sync wirelessly via bluetooth 4.0.
  2. Alarm Clock:  You can now set what time you would like to wake up, and the device will buzz waking you up.  Similar to how the Jawbone UP worked.
  3. New form factor!  Unlike the old FitBit, the FitBit One is just a single module.  The One just slips into the supplied silicon clipping mechanism.  I REALLY REALLY like this better because you can now just slip your One into any piece of clothing you want.   For instance, if you have a shoe or piece of clothing with a small pouch, you can just slip the device in there.

I still think you have to be pretty careful when it comes to getting the device wet.  DO NOT leave on your clothes and put through the wash!  The device just isn’t waterproof.  However, it’s been said that it’s “Sweat proof.”

Here are some photos, showing off the new form-factor:

FitBit-One-in-Clip FitBit-One-Module

So, I’ll make the statement that the FitBit One, in my opinion, is the BEST activity tracker on the market today.  I still haven’t testing the Nike Fuel Band — however, I’ve never really been a fan of the wrist-type tracking devices.  Most are just VERY uncomfortable.   I had the Jawbone UP — and it was uncomfortable over time.

My verdict:  BUY ONE!  Retail price is around $99 — Local retailers:  Best Buy, Brookstone, Apple Retail Stores

Here’s a link to my review of the original FitBit:


FYI:  If you are looking for a cheaper version of this, MINUS the sleep tracking, checkout the FitBit Zip: — It retails for around $60.  It is a different form factor — I’m not a fan of this new look —but it is cheaper.