After a follow-up appointment with my MD, I was diagnosed with Type-II diabetes. Not the best news I had on Monday; however, my MD feels it’s completely reversible. So how does this news affect me? Well, NOW I am consciously looking closely at EVERYTHING I eat. I’m finding out that a lot of the food I thought was healthy—or not so bad— is in fact VERY bad. I’ll post more about this later.

So, next week, I start a new dietary program called O.N.E. Weight. It is a physician monitored, liquid diet weight loss program. It is designed to give you a quick-start into losing weight. So, for basically “1” month, I’ll be on a liquid only diet. Then, “1” month of transitioning back to healthy food. This, combined with an exercise/education program, will hopefully help me lose around 50+ lbs. We’ll see.

That’s all for now… More to come soon.