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Status Update: March 17, 2009

Height = 5’11” Weight = 380.8 lbs Blood Pressure = 128/62 Pulse = 76 Gain/Loss = -5.6 lbs loss Total Weight loss = -24.4 lbs loss Pretty good, considering I was in Austin, TX over the weekend and had a… Continue Reading →

Status Update: March 10, 2009

Height = 5’11” Weight = 386.4 lbs Blood Pressure = 130/60 Pulse = 88 Gail/Loss = -4.2 loss Only lost 4.2 pounds this week; however, I’m just not starting to workout again… Cycling, walking, etc… I think the first week’s… Continue Reading →

Status Update: March 3, 2009

Height = 5’11” Weight = 390.6 lbs Blood Pressure = 120/60 Pulse = 82 Gail/Loss = -14.6 loss Lost 14.6 LBS in about 6 days!!!!  I feel so much better—and clothes fitting WAY looser.  More updates soon.

Stats Update: February 23, 2009

Height = 5’11” Weight = 405.2 lbs — I was actually heavier than this a few weeks before starting.  I lost some weight after being scared shitless about having diabetes.  I am going to try and find some initial MD… Continue Reading →


After a follow-up appointment with my MD, I was diagnosed with Type-II diabetes. Not the best news I had on Monday; however, my MD feels it’s completely reversible. So how does this news affect me? Well, NOW I am consciously… Continue Reading →

Welcome to

Hi. My name is William Sellers. I am a technology junkie; however, over the years—- well, I’ve put on some weight. TODAY, I’ve decided to really take my weight-loss and health seriously. I’ve put up this site to track my… Continue Reading →

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