Back in the Saddle, Again

Well Folks,

I’m gonna have to really put the peddle to the medal — and get back serious on my weight loss.  I was/am kind of in a plateau; however, I’ve actually been going in the WRONG direction.  Gained about 20LBS since April.  THIS IS NOT GOOD.  Right now, I’m weighing in around 290LBS…. I WAS AT 270LBS.  The plan was to be under 250LBS by the end of the summer. —- My goal is to be at or under 200LBS.

So, here is my plan:

  1. Re-read “The Four Hour Body, by Tim Ferris”  — Follow that diet plan TO THE “T”
  2. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be weight training days…. lifting weights and some lite cardio/swimming.  Maybe Cycling with Mid City EZ Riders on Wednesday evenings.
  3. Tuesday and Thursday will be cardio days— with Tuesday afternoon at 6:00pm Happy’s 5K run.  #RunLA
  4. Saturday Mornings = 40 Miles of Cycling — I’ll be posting routes on
  5. Sunday’s = Off day— or a free day to do any type of exercise I want.

I know 20LBS isn’t “that” big of a deal—- hell, when I was really training hard— I was losing 15LBS per week— So, I think I’ll be able to get back on track fairly fast.  BUT, I HAVE to get back into my 38″‘s jeans ASAP… I’m back in my 40″‘s….

Just remembering how life was when I was in my 58″ inch waist pants is DEFINITELY keeping me motivated… I DO NOT want to get back to that weight, EVER!   Also, I will be making a conscious effort to blog here more…. promise!

SO, Biotches, GAME ON! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle, Again

  1. I know you’ll do it, Will!

    You have inspire me to keep going till I get to my goal weight as suggested by my doctor and then to maintain it!


  2. Will –

    So I have been away from the blog following and I realize that I am commenting 3 months late, but I want to commend you on all of your hard work. I see from twitter that you are out there and running.

    So smart to get back on track when it’s only a 20 lb setback. I lost 97.5 lbs and then over the next 3 years I watched myself slowly gain almost all of it back. Talk about disheartening… I made some serious changes back in June and have lost 25lb of it again, but I find it hard to be happy about it (since it should have been forever-gone in the first place)…

    I also left my blog and I have now recommitted to posting once a week. Follow it if you like and help keep me honest!

    Wishing you all the best on our common journey…
    Happy Monday!

    Laura P

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