Welcome to WatchWillLose.com

Hi. My name is William Sellers. I am a technology junkie; however, over the years—- well, I’ve put on some weight. TODAY, I’ve decided to really take my weight-loss and health seriously. I’ve put up this site to track my own progress; but to also provide help/inspiration to anyone else who is looking to change their life and be healthy.

You can checkout my regular blog/website here: http://www.wsellers.com

Come with me on my road to good heath and fitness. I’ll be posting often about my weight-loss/diet    progress. — My twitter account is http://twitter.com/wsellers

I also have a Withings Scale!  My Twitter account for the scale is http://twitter.com/wsellers_scale

More to come soon… Stay Tuned.  Updated “Before and After” pics…

Weight loss can really be a difficult thing to get a hold of… If you never need support, gimme a call:  225-341-2727 — Just call at a reasonable hour… 🙂  I’m in Central Time in the US.



7 thoughts on “Welcome to WatchWillLose.com

  1. William,

    I have no doubt in my mind that you can do anything you put your mind to. I still say you should try out for the Biggest Loser. At least that way, you will get PAID!!!!

  2. Kick some ass Will!

    I know you can do this.

    With patience, faith, and strength, you will make this happen.

    Can’t wait to see the final product!

    -Jenni =)

  3. Hi there,
    Interesting blog, I just came across it and I’m already a fan
    I hope it’s not impolite but I have just begun documenting
    my own weight loss(I went down 30 pounds in a month, so I’m happy
    , and I was curious if you could share
    the weight loss plan I used for your readers.
    My most recent blog post is
    weight loss exercise
    If you want to do a link trade
    that would be amazing since I want to discuss my weight loss success
    with as many people as possible. If I can lose that much weight then
    anyone can. Whatever you do, never give up and you WILL
    reach all your weight loss goals!
    much thanks for reading,

  4. Joan,

    Thanks for your comment. I will be updating this site with some new information later this evening. Please shoot me an email at “watchwilllose@gmail.com” — I don’t mind doing a link trade.


  5. (((((((((((((Will)))))))))))))))))
    Congratulations….I’m proud of you for not giving up. It’s only in giving up that you lose out.
    I will follow your progress and continue to be inspired. God bless you and your family. Always your friend 🙂 Tami

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