2017 Here we come!

2016 was basically a rollercoaster ride —- However, It’s on in 2017!  More blogging and kicking ass in the weight loss/fitness department!

More to come soon!

Status Update: 10/21/2015

Well folks, — After a long hiatus, I’ve gotten back on the weight loss bus…. I’ve had my ups….and downs…. but I’m once again getting back to my lowest weight of 270.   Hopefully, I can even surpass that — and get into the low 200’s.

Anyway — I plan on posting more here —

Why “Dieting” failed for me…

We’ve all heard this:  Diets Fail!  Lifestyle changes Succeed!  — This can’t be truer.  Over the last few years, I’ve lost over 200LBS and have been slowly putting weight back on — approximately 75LBS of my total weight lost is back on.   It’s pretty easy to understand.

Here’s where “I” failed:


My Fitness gadgets for 2013

So everyone, over the past year, I’ve been slowly putting weight back on… GRR… The 200+ LBS that I worked really hard to shed, is slowly creeping back onto my ass!  — NO BUENO!  —  I’ve also been having many false starts on “getting back on track”; however, I’ve really been noticing the OLD-FAT-ASS look coming back.

FitBit One Review

Here’s the new fitness tracking device from FitBit…. The FitBit One

Here’s my quick review:

So far, I’m REALLY liking this device… If you are familiar with the older version, this is definitely an improvement.   The device basically does the same thing as the previous device; however, adds these new features:

  1. Bluetooth Syncing:  NO LONGER do you need a clunky “dongle”

My Jawbone UP review

*** UPDATE:  After about 1 month of use ***

Although, I still LOVE the ‘idea’ of the UP (and other lifestyle monitoring gadgets), I’ve found that these devices are really more trouble (and cost) than I’m willing to deal with.  So far, I’ve lost the end cap to the device — and it’s pretty much sitting up in my closet shelf.  

My FitBit review

I have mixed thoughts on the FitBit Tracker.  This is my review of the FitBit — after having one for about a month.  Here is some background information on the FitBit:  http://www.fitbit.com

Via Wikipedia:  “The Fitbit Tracker uses a three-dimensional accelerometer, similar to that in the Wii Remote,

Back in the Saddle, Again

Well Folks,

I’m gonna have to really put the peddle to the medal — and get back serious on my weight loss.  I was/am kind of in a plateau; however, I’ve actually been going in the WRONG direction.  Gained about 20LBS since April.  THIS IS NOT GOOD.  Right now, I’m weighing in around 290LBS….

EMAIL: Greetings!

Another eMail… I NEVER get tired of getting emails like these:


From: Doug Murray
Date: June 10, 2011 2:23:37 PM CDT
To: wsellers
Subject: Greetings!

Hi Will:

I’ve been following you on Twitter for a while — after Tim Ferriss re-tweeted you a while back. 

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